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About us

Our Story

          Our team has a 5 year history working in simulation industry. "Flightsim Diagma" was a newcomer as a manufacturer to flight simulator community back in early 2018, so we had to learn fast.
          Thanks to our Main Engineer, and owner of the Diagma US LLC - Azat Berdyyev, the production line was in constant cycle of upgrades, and by the time of our first public appearance at the FS Expo in June 2018 our company managed to create a solid line of flight simulator products and components.

          The ability of rapid development and production of new types of products allowed us to expand our various products even more. By the time when we attended the FS Expo 2019 it was obvious that we've managed to make a big leap forward in the world of flight simulation.

          Despite such progress for the second year of our business, some issues were still unresolved - the question of control boards for our hardware in particular. Dependency on third party control board manufacturers constrained our development severely, as we always had our potential limited by the limitation of the control boards we were so reliant on.

          After our long break since 2019, we decided to come back to the market under a new name - Flight Sim Wings, and offer our new products with even better quality and precision than before. Our main issue in 2019 was solved during this long break: we started manufacturing our own USB HID control boards, thus, supplying ourselves with control boards that suit our configurations. This made our R&D very flexible for developing newer and more advanced flight simulators without any limits on our potential. Flight Sim Wings has many things coming to the market soon, including different kinds of simulator sets and systems. We are also planning on obtaining FAA certifications for BATD and AATD simulators (the list is not limited to fixed wing aircraft!) to offer flight schools, and government structures in near future.

         So, here's our story! Tune in and keep in touch with us to be aware of the newest coming sims and systems from our team. We'll see you in the skies!

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