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FSW Flight Console - PRO

FSW Flight Console - PRO

SKU: 6091259056058
  • Cessna Syle Yoke
  • Landing Gear switch
  • Vernier Throttle control
  • Vernier Prop Pitch control (optional)
  • Vernier Mixture control
  • 4 Position Flaps control


 General information

  • High quality construction console. 
  • CNC cut, powder coated, and screen-printed
  • Contact-less sensors for Pitch and Roll axis
  • Cessna-style Yoke Handle
  • Vernier style throttle control
  • Integrated USB HID
  • Clock with timer (USB powered) 
  • Aviation grade precision details
  • Assembled in the USA


The box includes:

- Flight Master Console – 1 pcs
- USB cable – 1 pc

Recommended software

 - X-Plane 
 - Microsoft Flight Simulator
 - P3D and  should work in any other flight simulator software


Return policies

  30 days money back guarantee - counts from the day of purchase.

  Costs of shipping back covered by customer.


Warranty policies

1 Year Warranty. Covers all repair costs. Shipping (if need be) covered by customer.

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