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Mini Cockpit Hybrid G5

Mini Cockpit Hybrid G5

SKU: 6091259056126

General information:


  • Includes:


  •  FSW Analog Panel plus with 8 rotary encoders, 3 tactile push switches, 5 encoder push         switches.

       Magnetos and Ignition with key, 7 Toggle switches for Fuel Pump, Lights, Pitot Heat, 4 Rocker               switches for Generator, Battery, and Avionics.

2.   FSW Flight Master Console.

        - Cessna style Yoke handle

        - SEL Vernier Throttle (TM) Two element

        - Four position Flap switch

        - Landing Gear Switch

3.  24 inch LCD Monitor (for instruments).

4. 29 inch Ulrawide LCD Monitor (for visual)

5. Visual LCD Monitor stand. 

  • Strong metal body construction
  • CNC cut, powder coated, and screen-printed aluminum face
  • Aluminum knobs with engraved letters and symbols
  • Integrated USB HID game controller - designed and assembled by our company
  • 12 steam gauge instruments
  • 2 G5 flight instrument units
  • Plastic formed components (gauge rings, etc.)
  • Aviation grade precision on details
  • Assembled in the USA


The box includes:

  • Panel unit – 1 pc
  •  FSW Flight Master Console
  • 24 inch LCD Monitor
  • 29 inch Ulrawide LCD Monitor
  • Mounting Rubber belts – 2 pcs
  • USB cable – 2 pc
  • HDMI cable - 2pc
  • Printed instruction manual



  • Recommended software

    For Flight Simulation:

    For instrument gauges:

    Note: We recommend these specific software, because we provide config files for easy installation: for mapping and instruments setup on the screen. Config files are accessed thru website.
    The Mini Cockpit Analog can also be used with other kinds of Flight simulation and instrument gauge software.

    • X-Plane 11
    • Air Manager
  • Return policies

    30 days money back guarantee - counts from the day of purchase.

    Costs of shipping back covered by customer.

  • Warranty policies

    1 Year Warranty. Covers all repair costs. Shipping (if need be) covered by customer.

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